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In 2012 Walsingham House Youth Retreat Centre on Canvey Island wanted us to erect a Yurt in their grounds. Having a lot of school groups use the Centre they wanted somewhere for relaxation and meditation. As a completely new concept at the time we all rose to the challenge to build this amazing structure.

What is a Yurt (Ger)

The Yurt (or the correct name Ger) has been a distinctive feature of life in Central Asia for at least three thousand years. Inhabited by Mongolian nomadic peoples of the Central Asian Plateau. The Yurt is held together using lattice-wall sections bent into shape in the traditional way, decorated crown supports hold up the crown wheel in the centre in the Yurt, roof poles and traditional door, all held together using horse hair & polypropylene ropes, covered with four layers, 1. Inner Liner 2. Felt 3. Canvas 4. Suncover.